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There is a first for everything...

First ever entry...

There is a first time for everything and this would be it… well technically this isn't my first attempt at blogging but my "first time" I was young (not that much younger) and I just wanted to pass the time. This is something more along the lines of feeling like I can relate to people and people can relate to me. The purpose of the blog part of this website is just for me… well me and readers off course. It's just to connect with people with maybe the same passions/ideas… just sharing from me to you. It is quite daunting but fun!

So far I have to say that working on this website is proving to be difficult. I'm not as web savvy as I would have hoped and it is making me a little worried that I will not keep up with this endeavor as much as I would like. Trying to figure this out while having my 4year old boy run around (terrorizing the dog most times) and having to tear away from these projects every 10-20 minutes to cater to my 17m/o daughter makes it challenging to keep on top of any kind of updates or even work on anything to be honest. I'm fairly sure that after a bit of practice, any time management discipline, and some actual time I will do better at organizing myself to make this work for me but only time will tell…

Speaking of time, I've been working at finally publishing my little piece of cyber space for about 4 hours now and I have just realized that 3am is not the time for me to keep doing this. SLEEP SLEEEEEEEP! I need much much sleep if I want to be able to function decently tomorrow - bright and early with the kiddos.

Anyway, for those of you who will follow/read me, I thank you… for simply being awesome!

I'll keep you posted!


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