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My name… well you can call me V. I am a little french girl married to a wonderful US Air Force guy (let's call him T) and together we have two wonderful little ones. We live… well a little bit everywhere to tell you the truth. Since we are active duty military we have moved from place to place to place and for the purpose of not having to constantly change the location of our current whereabouts I will say we live in my Home, in the state of Mind, V-land! I have started this little website (thanks in part to my wonderful family and dear friends) to start doing something productive with my "me" time. I love to talk and write (maybe not as well as some of those awesome blogs out there I love to cyberstalk) and in my spare time I love to crochet and knit, or even do the odd art and craft here and there. So to combine my love of talking together with my love of making things with yarn and needles/hooks, I decided to launch this blog/shop. In this Blog/shop, I will just randomly talk about my little boring life and its little adventures as well as share with you my little projects. I don't think of myself as someone who is awesomely creative (like my sister or my father… you should see their websites - I'll post links to my fav. sites) but one thing I can do well is create something out of a set of instructions. I make amigurumi following patterns from some of those really gifted people whom I cyberstalk (links to websites provided in the "Credits" protion of this site). I try to draw inspiration from those people but it is often difficult for me to come up with anything while chasing after my littlest one (the girl) or even keeping up with the oldest one (the boy!). I like to think that when I do purchase patterns from someone else, I give them the oportunity to expend their business by passing the craft forward. In turn I either make these little creatures for those who can't, won't, don't want to or don't know how (and don't want to know how). So you are more than welcomed to browse through what I can do and buy from me or go visit the websites of the geniuses behind some of the patterns I use and buy from them. Or just join me in this little adventure I'm embarking on and see what I will work on next. 

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